4/1/2011 PMP Exam: Passed - 8 days of self-study!!

 I was in a rush because my eligibility expires April 5th!  I had about a little over a week to cram this material in and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be in the least.  I was "Moderately Proficient" or "Proficient" in all areas.   Anyways, below is ALL that I used to study for the Exam.

1.  HEAD FIRST (I read this book and did ALL the exercises/questions - do this book FIRST.  It is way easier than the exam, but it gives you the fundamentals that is needed for the other books - Rita's/PMBOK).  2 days - once I completed this book.  I took the HeadLab practice Exam 200 Qs.

2.  Rita's M - As you go through this book you it should be easier as you are familiar with all the concepts from the HeadFirst book.  Go through all the exercises and practice exams.  2 days to go through this book as well.  Took PMStudy practice Exam1 (Free)  As I went through the answer, I referred to the PMBOK as the guide.

3.  PMBOK - After going through 2 full length exams, checking all the wrong AND right answers with PMBOK.  I was also comfortable with this book.  I read through it ONCE - rather quickly.  Then I took PMStudy Exam2. 

4.  Took me about 6 days to go through all 3 books,  Day 7- took PMStudy Exam 3 and review with PMBOK.

5.  Day 8 - took PMStudy Exam 4 and review with PMBOK.

6.  NO need to MEMORIZE the ITTOs or Formulas.  If you understand them, you will not miss any questions with them on the actual Exam.

7. It took me ALL FOUR HOURS to take exam.  Read the ANSWERS carefully, most people think the Questions are hard, but it's the ANSWERS that are tricky!!

8.  One thing I did not do, but YOU SHOULD is read the PMBOK Ethical Guide.

My practice exam scores:

HeadFirst:  77%

PMStudy1: 70%

PMStudy2: 74%

PMStudy3: 72%

PMStudy4: 75%

My practice scores were not great, but I review every question and answer.  Make sure you check the RIGHT answers that you guessed on so you know why it was right!

VERY IMPORTANT:  I am in NO WAY associated with PMStudy.com, so I get nothing if you use them.  BUT they are the best in terms on comparison to test (the phrase of questions and difficulty level).  I would NOT use too many FREE questions out there.  I tried a couple here and there and found they were confusing/irrelevant to the real exam (do as you wish though).  

If you score in the 70s on PMStudy, you should be good to go.  Good Luck!  If you have any questions, just ask! 


making the magic out of the blue, that is how you answer question in exam that is really hard. - Marla Ahlgrimm