4 Weeks until I take my PMP exam - suggestions needed for completing studies.

I have been studying since late April 2011 and plan on taking my PMP on August 20th before the exam changes on August 31st.

I am using the Andy Crowe Book and Rita's 6th Edition.  I have taken one exam from PMSTUDY, Examcentral, Headfirst, multiple exams from Velociteach with the free pass in the back of Andy's book. I also am using Rita's Fasttrack and scored anywhere between the 60's and 70's scoring the highest (90's) on Professional Responsibility.

I continue to mostly score on large 200 question tests in the high 60's.

I have read through Rita about 3 times now and have completed my notes using her book primarily.

I have read Andy's book and scored the highest of any exam using his 200 question exam at the back of the book scoring a 77%.

I now need the advice from all of you that have passed your PMP as to what I should be concentrating on in these final 4 weeks. I plan on taking the week of my exam off from work so I can dedicate that entire week to nothing but my studies instead of work.

I have read the PMBOK once and have made highlights throughout, I plan on trying to reread it prior to the exam as others have recommended.  I am also doing my best to try to memorize the most critical ITTO inputs and outputs.  I have already memorized Rita's chart and know it by heart along with the math formulas.

The questions that seem to always get me are either somewhat vague or they are of the sort - you have done x, y, and z.. What is the next step or what process group comes before this or after this, that type of thing.

On Rita's Fast Track 200 question full exam I scored a 69%, so I definitely plan on retaking that to see if I can score higher before my exam date.  I really don't want to reschedule my exam if I can help it as I have seen on Rita's site that they are already getting the 7th edition of  her book ready to sell that will encompass the new changes of the exam.  That would be a real drag to spend so much money on buying books to study only to have to buy another series of books if you flunk the exam and have to retake it.


Hopeful Future PMP in need of your tips and suggestions

try free exams on pmstudy/headfirst/exam cental

If you are scoring 75 and above you are all set tp go. BE sure to read PMBOK properly.

I had few q in exam very close Like OPM3 model is based on what..? answer is improvement

In general, I recommend doing practice problems.  But it seems like that is having limited benefit to you.  Perhaps then, what is best is to attempt to figure out what is going wrong - why aren't you getting them right?  Maybe there are some underlying issues or things that can be fixed.


So basically, maybe think a bit about the process itself to improve further.

Good luck! :)

I think you studied very well and scored decent, so you should be confidnet to pass the test. Even two weeks earlier than planned - so reschedule it earlier:).

In general, in questions like " you have done x, y, and z.. What is the next step.." , the answer is usually the next step from the same process group. E.g after qualitative risk analysis you shoud do the quantitative..

Sometimes these questions relate to specific workflows , e.g. proces for making changes.

I suggest at least free PMstudy test and oliver lehman, maybe all pmstudy test with detailed analysis and that's all.