4 Ps,1 MP - 1st Try - July 24 Mumbai.


               4 P, 1 MP. First try.

Study started ~3 months before exam

               - For first two and half months a couple of hours each day. Went through Rita's book (once) and PMBOK (once) and took down notes.

Last 10-15 days - preparation:

               - One more pass through PMBOK

               - One more pass through exam tips in Rita's book.

               - For finding initial gaps:

all exercises from Rita's book;

one exam from PMForSure - 100Qs;

Olivers 175 questions.

               - Olivers 75 questions test - good set to test your preparation.

               - 1 paid full length test from PMStudy - scored 78%.

Day before test - preparation:

               - read PMBOK chapter 3. Looked at all the diagrams in PMBOK.

               - practiced creating brain dump sheet (to write down on scratch paper during first 15 minutes of computer tutorial) mainly formulas and page 43 to free up my mind. I did end up referring back to it during exam.

               - Went through my notes.

Day of test

               - Did not study on the day of the test. Had afternoon appointment.

               - Mumbai test center

                              - You can take the eatables in the locker area and access them during break. I did not.

                              - Scratch paper has 4 pages - more than enough for brain dump as well as all the rough calculations.

                              - You can get ear plugs (on request). Candidate next to me was taking a test which needed typing. In that quite environment, you will feel the noise.

                              - AC is usually high so better take a jacket along.

               - Calculator was on screen.

               - Took 3 hours 50 minutes to complete first pass. Did not take any breaks.

 Tips I found useful:

               - Understand page 43 of PMBOK - 4th edition- you should be able to say at least a couple of lines in your words about each entry in there.

               - Remember all Earned value formulas, practice Critical path calculations.

               - *Understand what various formulas as well as the result values mean*

               - I did *not* mug up the IOs and TTs.

               - Understand similar sounding concepts like accuracy vs precision, grade vs quality.

               - Understand difference in similar sounding processes QA vs QC; plan procurements vs conduct procurements.

               - Understand differences in project charter, project scope statement etc.

               - Understand various graphs/diagrams and when they are used.

               - Understand with examples various risk strategies.

               - Clearly understand types of contracts.

Good luck !

Congratulations! Good LL.

  Hello Mumbai


Thanks for ur valuable inputs and congratulations.


Could you please forward a copy of math problems and other relevant material that would help me in preparing for my PMP based on PMBOK 5th edition .Please send the to kalabishonde@gmail.com