3rd May PMP after my name: Its really worth the 3rd name place!!!!!!

 To Gods Glory,After 4 gruesome minutes of waiting to see the results:

Congratulations! was on my screen.

The contents and guidiance on this site has been very very helpful

Posts like why I failed PMP and the PMP myth were the last posts that helped me a lot.


For me it was very tough and I must say that preparations required is relevant to individuals

Some can read books once and understand  all the contents: As for me my advice is understand your study and assimilation habits and just follow it.


To the creator of this forum, Thank you,contributors welldone: my resolve: Preparing for PMP?daily follow of PMZILLA is also required :-)


I am submitting this post by 3:00am my local time (The times I used to study) My body is yet to adjust to the difference and I will count it a dishonour not to post immediately.


Thanks and to all aspiring PMPs its sincerely a possible feat ! 


 Wisejizbabe, PMP

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Congratulations on your PMP. Do post some more details on your study process. Glad to know that this forum helped.

I guess I was too excited to add my study process and experience

I read Andy Crowe,Headfirst and Rita

Headfirst was very very simple to understand especially the Risk and Quality was just a walkthrough

Andy crowe is so close to the PMBOK so it makes understandning the PMBOK easy.

During my final review before my exams I realised PMBOK is actually very straight and simple to read.

I presume peoples post about how difficult is it makes all set a mindset,and this makes u have a ready opinion.

My lessons learnt

1 Read Headfirst

2 Read PMBOK

3 Do 2 Mock questions  Oliver Lehman 175,and 200 questions of Headfirst

4 Review all! first the missed and then the passed,review by checking the pmbok,they all refer to where the questions were taken from

5 Read Andy Crowe (its simple and contains so more details than Headfirst)

6 Do Mock Questions now,PMStudy is good

7 You must be set for the Exams! If you were really dilligent in the above.


Hope this helps somebody!!!




Congratulations and welcome to the PMP world

Thanks Sanjoe!!!