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I am scheduled to take my test for the third time.  Frankly, the second time, I was confident in a lot of my answers, but still did not clear the exam.  The first time, I failed it.  Then I took the PMSTUDY boot camp and I took the test a second time.  I didn't pass it again.  

So this time, I have been taking a different approach on it all.  I have completed 2 mock exams thus far.  One from pm study where I scored 75%.  I took the second mock exam I got from here from head first, scoring 74%.  So my question is, is that enough?  Should that be enough to help me clear the exam?  Frankly, I really don't know what I was doing wrong.  The teacher from PM study said I knew the information so he thinks the questions were asking me one thing and when I read them, it was really asking me something else.  Any advice?  What are others opinions about free mock exams?  What free mock exam would you say is closest to the real test?  

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Michelle. I believe you need to solve lot more practice tests from few different sources. Your scores will tell you if you are ready or not for the final exam

Hi chelle2464,

I am sorry to hear that. Although you have tried and used a good material, but it did not work for you. Come out of it now.

Replan your study in a fresh way. I would suggest these:
1. Study either of Rita or Ande once and then move to PMBOK and read it couple of times to understand it.
2. Take some other good test. You will find from this forum what people are referring, what they have found to be good and tough. Don’t go for high scoring test. Practice around 2000 question from multiple sources. Keep in mind, passing PMP is not just securing overall good percentage, it’s about securing good in all process group.
3. Once you feel comfortable then schedule your PMP exam for the last attempt. You might make your own notes when you do step (1) and (2), revise those notes 1-2 days before the PMP exam.

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You may also try pmpforsure. Become a member and try the first 100 free questions and if you like it go further else....


Head1st is slightly on the easier side.


Warmly, KK....