35 Hrs ProjectManagement Education(PDUs)

Got question on 35-Hr PMI. I am planning to attend on-line course to finish 35-Hour PMI PMP Prerequisite Course. Looked into diffenent websites, i fould the following. Does any one has experience with these?

Proxalt  -- $35

SimplyLean - Starts from $57.99

PM PrepCast -- $120

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 Like me, your purpose is to get the 35 credits ASAP. I recently did get the 35 PDU's from SimpliLearn and got the PMI application approved in 5 days!


You can try out PMstudy to get your requisite contact hours. They are great value for money. You will be highly benefitted with the course. You will be well prepared with it.



You can get many online courses to get 35 Contact hours. But what I will suggest you should select the best. The best course may cost you few $ extra but it will help you a great way to your success. You can check with Pmti, Cheetah, PMstudy. They are the leaders.

All the best!!


Hi Naveen,

GreyCampus offers an online self-learning program on Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification from Project Management Institute (PMI) USA. This will help you get access to a variety of tools designed for a wide range of learners. Hope you will like this.

-Poonam Patel

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Hello Naveen,

cause i am using it by myself for PMP preparation, i should like to recommend you the “PMP PrepCast by Cornelius Fichtner”. It is a fully prerecorded, self-paced online training course which also provides you the 35 contact hour certificate, which you will need for your PMP Application.
You may have a look here: http://wren.cf/2t

Besides this course the site offers also some more very helpful tools for exam preparation like a formula guide ( http://wren.cf/30 ; Free Version:  http://wren.cf/31 ) for instance.
Another great tool which helps me a lot is the "study coach" ( http://wren.cf/30  ) which works like your personal PMP Preparation Navigating System.

And last but not least they also have a professional exam simulator in their portfolio which would provide you 1.800 high quality and realistic sample questions for exam training.

Practice would be the key and you should do as many sample questions and exams as you can. To have a look for the simulator:  http://wren.cf/2v

There is also a trial version available:  http://wren.cf/2w

Please don't hesitate to contact me directly if you have any further questions or if i can assist you anyway.

Best of luck!






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