35 contact hours


I have a question about the 35 hours requirement for applying to the PMP exam. From what I undestand it doesn't need to be on a certified institution by the PMI or does it?

I'm currently taking a course that's not certified, because it's the first edition, but it's from a reputable institution that had other courses certified. This one in particular is not, but it's going to be given by a certified PMP.

Does it count as 35 contact hours?

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35 Contact hours needs to be from REP ( registered education provider) , Each REP will have a unique ID which you can use to claim your contact hours while filling PMP application. 

Offcourse you spend money already on this course.   Try to  obtain certificate from REP by taking onother course that is expensive again.  If you feel this expensive.  Do one thing buy a Text Book named  Andy Crowe latest version.  Back side of the book they have a ID card with Password for online course thru Velociteach that is eligible to get a 35 PDUs with REP ID.  That solve your problem to apply PMP application.

If am wrong correct me somebody.




It should be REP to provide 35 hours education certificate. you may refer to any REP offering online courses offering 35 contact hours. I used Pm prepcast and found it very useful in passing my exam. I have documented my experience in details at blog bleow . I hope you will find it useful.


All the best for your preparations !