31-12-2012: Cleared PMP in First Attempt !!

I am super happy to announce that i cleared PMP in first attempt on 31 Dec 2012.

Did the 35 PDU workshop in Nov 2011 as I was planning to take this exam in Feb 2012, however to due work commitments and other issues rescheduled the exam "n" no. of times. Finally decided 31 Dec 2012  was the judgement day for me. Started serious preparation in December 2012 , however Dec last two weeks were the only weeks where i could concentrate more.

Read PMBOK---Once

Kim Heldman 6th edition--- Once

Didnt get time to solve any sample question but the end of Chapter sample questions from Kim Heldman.

I could remember Page 43, and also all of the formulae. Didnt memorize all the ITTOs. Could remember most of them due to the flow of the information/ processes

I would like to advice all the PMP aspirants that do not take the preparations lightly and wait till the last month to start the preparations. I will suggest all the aspirants to ATLEAST:

  • Remember Pg 43.

  • All formulae.

  • PMBOK Glossary.

  • Try and remember all ITTOs, if not all then atleast memorise the ITTO for the Initiating and Closing process, so that you dont miss out on those ITTO questions from these areas.

  • Abhishek's version of Rajesh Nair notes.

Also trust me guys, to sit at the prometric centre for 4 hrs and concentrate for those 4 hrs is also one of  the biggest challanges.

Wish you all luck and a very Happy New Year.


 Congrats man!. Many thanks for sharing your LL!!.

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Congratulations on your PMP