3 Different Questions - Scared!!!

I saw these three questions in a free PMP test mock up that really scared me. Do such questions come in PMP real exam? Please let me know whoever can, did you encounter any such concepts in the PMP real exam?

Where can I find such study materials that would cover such things as I could not find this type of information in PMBOK 5th Edition. Thank you very much for your help in this regard.

Q) Which of these is not a benefit measurement project selection method?

1)Integer Algorithm
2)Internal Rate of Return
3)Scoring model
4)Discounted cash flow

Q)Which of these is a constrained optimization project selection method?

1)Parallel algorithm
2)Number programming
3)Murder board
4)Dynamic Programming

Q)You are part of an expert committee deciding which project should be implemented by your company. Your committee asks tough questions from the project teams and helps decide which project your company should select. Which project selection technique are you using.

1)Scoring Model
2)Committee Selection
3)Murder Board
4)Defined Benefit

answer 1 :-scoring model
answer 2:-dynamic prganswer 3:- could be murder board

refer Rita....this will explain in detail. Yes you can expect such qts :)

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Yes, you can expect such Questions.

No need 2 b scared KABANERJI - one needs thorough understanding. So correct answers are shown below:

Q1: Correct answer is 4 'Discounted Cash Flow'.

Q2: Correct answer is 4 'Dynamic Programming'.

Q3: Correct answer is 3 'Murder Board'.

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its July 2011 and not 20111 as written.

is not answer 1 scoring model?

Paid sent email to admin still waiting for my ebook... please advise

Q 1 - 1
Q 2 - 4
Q 3 - 3