3 days left from real pmp exam, just share my feeling.

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My study start from late of Dec/2013, after about 6 months study in HeadFirst 2nd, PMBOK and Rita Exam Prep
1. 3 month study in casual (few days a week, 1-2 hours per days)
2. 3 month study in serious (5 days a week and 4-5 hour per days)

Actually, my parent language is traditional Chinese, reading the PMBOK and Rita is quite tough.
I know the meaning but have times to think about it.

Unfortunately , i got the following mock exam but resulting bad.
Some result in 70%+ is because the question is too simple comepare to Rita and PMStudy.
I can't cheat myself i am good just because the percentage.

Whizlabs 4 test x 200Q - %80 (But i did 2-3 times in each to get this)
PMStudy free test - %61
PMP Headfirst free test - %65
RITA Fast Track PMP 200Q 4 times - average 63%
PMP4Sure Free Exam Free - about %59
Preparepm Mock1 75Q + Mock 2 28Q - %78
Simplilearn Free test - 4BP + 1MP
Examcentral free test 200Q x 2 times - 71% and 74%

I have read a large amount of LL in this forum and search from google.
Base from the mock exam result, i know i am under 30% chance to pass the exam, but i don't postpone the exam because i know none of mock exam question similar to real question, so i would to get the real exam experience for my 2nd attempt.

On coming 2 days i will study Rita, and focus on COST,TIME,Quality which i am weak.
On 3 days, i take a no-paid leave of my work, i decide to take a rest, but study a bit, like play the rita process chart game, overview the EVM formula, review what in project charter and WBS dictionary etc , that is.

Anyways, thanks you PMZilla, a very good and 1st PMP forum.

I create this post just because i can forecast how i'm depressing after the exam.
And have to avoid all about PMP's things in a short time to recover.

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Hi there,

Do you not have an option to choose your native language for your exam?

All you need to do now is sit back, relax and read thru your self made notes.
I wouldn't recommend you to take up any additional mock tests as it will create more stress.

All the best for your exam - target to pass on first attempt!

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Yes, i choose language aid in my language, but i learn from other PMP holder on my country, they said the PMP exam translation is not good quality.
But it may help on single words i don't understand.

I hope i have luck on that day.

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Some mock tests you have scored really well. Simplilearn scores are concerning.

1. Where you have scored low in the mock test, take those tests again.
2. Make note of your weaker areas , say time, risk etc. In PMP exam if you get Qs and you dont know the answer for sure, Just mark it for review. In the end check how many such questions are there where you are not sure of answer if they are less thank 39% then you know that you are sure to pass. Then you can approach the questions with confidence, also after having answered all questions you are sure of the confidence level goes up.

Hope the above two tips help you with real exam.

Good Luck! and just BELIEVE in yourself. You've been preparing for this for a long time, you should come out confident. I understand how you feel, as that's how I felt 3 days before I nailed it. From my LL, and surely you'd read it, the exam test your understanding, its not about memorizing, and the most important of all, on your practice exams, understand why you got it wrong why you got it right, as even for those questions which you got it right, the reasoning behind your answer might be wrong, that's the purpose of mocks, to correct your concept understanding.

Bring us the good news! Oh one more thing, RELAX one day before the D-Day

Villo, PMP