3 Days left and still confused on Range of Estimates

 I am taking PMP exam this weekend and I have been studying, re reading, and taking practice exams.  

I have taken the following Practice exams:

Head First (200) 82%

Exam Collection (200) 75%

Oliver Lehmann 68% (175)   

PM Study Free Exam (200Q) 72.5% 

Christopher Scordo(50)  90%

PMPExam Simuator/PMPrepcast  74%, 66%, 71%, 70%

PMZilla touch Questions (30) 57%  ;-(

PMstudy (4 Exam pack; 1st exam 3 more to go) 73%

I am confused about the range of estimates still.  I see it published different ways in various resources.  Which is the correct range for Rough order of Magnitude, preliminary estimate, budget, definiate, etc.  ?  Please someone clarify this for me.  Thanks.  


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I have 10 days left for the exam and had not taken any mocks yet, but yesterday, I tried to do Oliver Lehmann's 175 questions (untimed, at a slow pace, with break after every 10 questions) and found the test to be very tough.

Can some of you who recently took the real exam, comment if the questions asked in the real deal are as difficult as OL's exams!

 That test was hard for me as well.  I didn't do well on that one either but even worse on the PMZilla 30 tough questions.  OMG that was so hard.  I hope the actual exam is not that hard.  If so :0(

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I got 35 incorrect in there and had not known some keywords at all, probably I should have read the PMBOK!

I think the confusion is you can only know one set, either you do PMBoK or Rita's process chart. I studied Rita's and I am sticking to it. I have not done any full practice exam yet. I am planning to do that in a few weeks. If you are comfortable with PMBoK process chart, just stick to it.

I am as well confused when I tried to study PMBoK process chart. I think I am getting confused as I have already studied Rita's.

Does anyone think we need to know both Rita's and PMBoK process charts?

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^ In my honest opinion - Rita's process chart is a waste of time and space!

I hope not... since I mastered Rita's process chart!!

 That is too funny!! It is very confusing after learning the PMBOK process chart.  When I went back to re read Rita's I was like wtf is this and got all mixed up after I thought I was already strong in this area. 

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Rita's Chart messes your mind. I just don't understand how that thing fits in the overall process described in the PMBOK. The 2 seem to be heads vs. tails! I am sticking to the provider who sets and checks the exam aka. PMI (PMBOK)

I know... that is why I am debating if I do need to know PMBoK process group as well. When you guys learn PMBoK process chart, did you also memorize ITTOs? I have ~5 weeks left for my exams and I need to maximize my study time!!! I am currently going thru Rita's for a 2nd time and then will be practizing exam questions. What do you guys think?

Do I need to know PMBoK Process chart and ITTOs?


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I just know the Page 43 of PMBOK. Never have I tried to remember the ITTO's (there is no need to, from what I have seen from so mnay LL's here)

Alright!! This is not so bad after all, I was starting to get worried!! I will attempt to master page 43 (PMBoK process chart) instead of Rita's. Yes, this is my understanding as well for the ITTOs there is no need to memorize them!! I hope we are all right and we pass this exam!! Fingers crossed!!

Good Luck to  you all!!

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I am not even planning to do the PMZilla tough questions. Just sticking to basics. 

 I see that you have got good scores in PM study exam and Pm exam simulator.

Also I think there are 2 things why we should be taking the full length exams for 

1. Building the stamina and getting used to the 4 hr marathon (From normal exams).

2. Discovering the GAPS in knowledge area (from tough exams).

So If I were you I would just fill the gaps from these tough exams and move on without paying too much attention to the scores in the tough exams

I am planning to take all 4 PMStudy exams and then rita then andy crowe(last for confidence boost) during my final week.

Also I have memorized the PMBOK PAGE43 (PROCESS CHART) and sticking with it.

P.S: I am appearing from my exam on 21st of this month.





 I have cleared my exam on 3rd May on first attempt and thought can contribute some usefull discussion in this thread. Don't even bother to learn Rita's process chart it will mess up you PM fundamental's. Learn the process chart from PMBOK. If you understand the whole PM process flow , the process chart  from PMBOK will make lot of sense to you and will help you getting lot of questions right on exam.

Now something about my prepration and lessson learnt

Read Rita 2 times, 3rd time again after some test exams to close gaps

I also did not got EV and Critical path fundas at first go, so kept 2 days aside . One day for each topic, understood it myself and then practiced with lot of questions. Please make sure you understand these 2 topics as there were around 20 questions on these and will eat into lot of your time.

Never read PMBOK ( yes its true never read it) , I only got to know about pmzilla site 1 week back and on every post it was written we need to read PMBOK for sure. As it was too late for me , i decided against it and concentrated more on mproving my gaps. I also never read the notes uploaded by various people on this site. I guess its my experience in PM which got me through.

My tips for exam would be

Takr practice exams to understand the language of questions, initialy i was doing pretty bad with practice questions as i was not interpreting the questions properly

The situational questions in the exam are not as long as given in most of the pracice exams

In most of the situationsl questions, first 2 statements were irrelevant so do not get too involved in those 

Be patient and don't panic if you are taking some extra time on particular questions as there are questions on exam were you will take only ten seconds. 

It sounds like EV & CPM are critical to exam based on what I have been read from other PMZilla threads.. Thanks for  your advice! Point taken and hopefully I manage to pass it on my first attempt as well!! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!!

 Ok. Thanks for your advice!