28 Days Left for exam....Need Guidance

 Hi All,

Booked my exam for 9thApril and therefore have 28 days now....Need how to progress from here now...as confused what to review first ????

Study Material.............. RITA (2time), PMBOK (2time)

Question ......As of now i tried only PM Fast Track Question and RITA chepter End question.....Issue as of now 

finding with RISK, Procurement (consistantly scoring 68-70% on new questions), Can anyone suggest preparation for RISK and PROCUREMENT....Really stuck here.....




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Take more mock tests, read the notes here, Rajesh nair etc. go through the discussion threads on PMZilla, find your weak areas and spend more time on those

28 days is a lot of time so take it cool.

Considering you have lots of time left it won't harm to go for one reading from Heads First for risk , procurement

Its highly vivid approach of explaining things by images , conversations and building a story really helps in learning things

And as admin stated rajesh nair notes really groups them in a very simple & easy to understand manner

 Hi ,

I have just passsed my PMP exam few days back (26th Feb 2013) and to my experience Risk and Procurement are two most important topics . Aleast 25% -30% questions will be  from this two chapters.

I would definitely recomend you to buy the apps PM Icoach by IIL if you have a ipad or iphone. They have really good and tricky questions and it is very cheap , around  10$,

And also if possible , you must read PMP Exam Study Guide 5th ed Kim Heldman. It is a highly recomended book for PMP.

Regarding the exam , dont emphasize much on Tools and tecniques because that wont come directly in PMP.Formulas and deep undesratnding of every topics  is must.

Please be sure that the exam wont be as simple as it assumed when you do a lot of sample questions and score 70% or 80% but dont be scared and understand fundamentals and i bet you will come out as a winner,

In my experience , sitting at the same place for continous 4 hrs would be a tough job . so try to appear as many full simulation exams before your final day . It would help you to manage your time and patience.

Best of Luck and wish you all the best.





look at the pm processes chart on page 43. executing carries out around 30% of the questions and that means you'll get roughly 60 questions on the execting processes, especially in the h.r and communication. 

the only way to know your gaps and to be better at them is to practice and then write down the wrong answers and the justification behind the wrong answers. this is the secret way to speed up your preparation. 


good luck,