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What is the difference between projects documents, project records and project files?

Can someone please explain to me please the iterative relationship (PMBOK p 22) in Phase-to-Phase Relationships?


I appreciate your help and thank you in advance.

Words definations -

Documents  - are available information to refer and to follow and to perform on as a guide line, or standards or rules like templates, form,s agendas, project charter.

Records - are data filled up and prepared during run of projects which are recorded as measurements, in follow up of prescribed documents.Later it may become part of documents partly.Like - Bill papers, Quality Reports, meter readings.etc

PMBOK Definition:

Project reports - Formal and informal project reports describe project status and include lessons learned, issues logs, project closure reports, and outputs from other Knowledge Areas (Chapters 4-12).

Project presentations -The project team provides information formally or informally to any or all of the project stakeholders. The information and presentation method should be relevant to the needs of the audience.

Project records - Project records can include correspondence, memos, meeting minutes, and other documents describing the project. This information should, to the extent possible and appropriate, be maintained in an organized manner. Project team members can also maintain records in a project notebook or register, which could be physical or electronic.

Project files - Documentation resulting from the project's activities, for example, project management plan, scope, cost, schedule and project calendars, risk registers, change management documentation, planned risk response actions, and risk impact.

Project or phase closure documents - Project or phase closure documents, consisting of formal documentation that indicates completion of the project or phase and the transfer of the completed project or phase deliverables to others, such as an operations group or to the next phase. During project closure the project manager reviews prior phase documentation, customer acceptance documentation from the Verify Scope process (Section 5.4) and the contract (if applicable), to ensure that all project requirements are complete prior to finalizing the closure of the project. If the project was terminated prior to completion, the formal documentation indicates why the project was terminated and formalizes the procedures for the transfer of the finished and unfinished deliverables of the cancelled project to others.


One type out of 3 types of project or project phase sequences is Iterative type. It is continuous delivering of product service and results of similar nature but in phases wrt the time/period.

It means simply repeating of same nature project, for example this finance year 100km road is made and for next finance year again 100 km road will be made. These 2 phases or projects are iterative typed.