2 More Weeks!!! :-0 Confused about Rita's Process Chart Help!

 I haver read PMBOK 2xs

Also read Rita's, Head First, And Andy Cowen How to Pass the PMP

I am in the process of re reading Rita's Process Chart.  I read Rita's book first and then I read all the others now as I am re reading Rita's again her process chart is confusing me after studing the PMbok Process Chart.  It seems to be very different.  Any advice on how to deciper it after memorizing the PMbok Chart?

I have taken the following Practice exams:

Head First (200) 82%

Exam Collection (200) 75%

Oliver Lehmann 68% (175)   ;-( 

PM Study Free Exam (200Q) 72.5% 

Christopher Scordo(50)  90%

PMPExam Simuator/PMPrepcast (Paid) (100 so far) 74%

PMZilla touch Questiona (30) 57%  ;-(

What other exams should I take? How many practice exams should I take before I am fully ready?


1. I think you're ready. Pull yourself up.

Oliver Lehman's test is a tough test. Just clear all your gaps through all the tests that you have given. That is the primary purpose of the mock tests

2. I would recommend Pmstudy 1(free) and 2,3(paid), All lite tests from Christopher scordo (900+ questions, 18 , 1 hour test). Scordo is available on PMI. Simplilearn, and Farndale are the other tests you should take.

3.  Dont forget to revise through Rajesh Nair's notes.

All the very best....

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You can take exams on Sunday? Which Test center?

PS: I am not from India and I did not find any test center that offers this test on Sunday (especially in New York). I would love to take it on Sunday

 Yes I'm taking it on a Sunday morning.  I am in Maryland.  A few Prometric test centers in MD had Sunday hours.  

 Hi Erickac,

I am taking the test on May 21 and I am planning to buy the PM study tests. Based on the exp of lot of ppl in PMZILLA , it looks like these are the exams that are closest to PMP.




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 Please take more exams http://pmzilla.com/free-pmp-exam-important-links-best

You dont seem to have taken enough tests

 I almost forgot about that list of additional free test resources.  

I just took the Christopher Scordo (50q) 90% but it was very easy.

 Nice one! Please read PMBOK to fill your gap. You will rock!!

Would anyone have a copy of the famous Rajesh Nair's notes they could kindly send me pls? khilan.dhanani@gmail.com

Thanks in advance

You can download Rajesh's Nair's notes from the home page of PMZilla.