2 DAYS LEFT - Urgent Advice needed


I have my exams on Wednesday evening. I have done Rita and PMBOK twice and currently doing the 3rd time of PMBOK. 

I have done most of the PM Exam Simulator and just completed 1-3 of PMStudy yesterday (76%, 79% and 86%). 

Given limited time, which one of the following do you suggest is the best one for me to target between tomorrow and day after? 

Please Suggest. Thanks a lot !


Oliver Lehmann 175
Nutek 160
206 FreePMP
Frank T. Anbari
Christopher Scordo

reason - you have variety

you are doing good and I would propose Oliver 75 & 175

 Thanks, I'll start with Oliver 175 and then if time permits I'll do Scordo which looks huge by the way. 


My view is that at this time you should not go for any mock tests.  You should utilize the time to read the notes that you might have prepared and review the process flow diagrams in PMBOK, read glossary, try to remember ITTO, formulas etc.

Thanks, I just did Oliver 175 with 79%. 

I'll focus on appendix and my notes revision. + ITTO 

Thanks guys, just little nervous as there was a lot I planned for but not able to do all due to my work schedule + less time available. 

Also, I am able to remember all TT but not all IO though I understand them logically. 


Hope for the best ! 

Be Cool. You are through now for clearing exam

Waiting eagerly for Congratulations message on your exam screen

wish u all the best. Congrats in Advance


 I would say please give your time to again go through ITTO and numericals..pmstudy ia enough to give you exam idea.no need for other exams.

I tries pmstudy,Andycrowe and Rita fats track..not much but scored well in real exam.