2 days to go for PMP exam

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These are my final mock test scores. i just have 2 days left. 1 day before probably i will just go high level on ITTO and chill out. so left out with one day i.e. tomorrow. Please advise on below scores. do i need to still need to take headfirst.

Pmstudy 1 74.29%
Pmstudy 2 77.14%
first exam - 50 / 185 Brainbok 52%
second exam - 50 / 185 Brainbok 74%
Oliver Lehman - 175 questions 77.70%
pmstudy 3 75.43%
pmstudy 4 74.86%
q&A's for the PMBOK guide by Frank T Anbari 86.30%
Pmroad trip questions 79.54%




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I am starting my prepration please send me PDF o that I can start working on my prepration


Thank s

Headfirst was more on the easier side of the questions (esp. compared to Pmstudy).  I am studying and have not passed.  Let me know which exam prepared you the best.  I like exam central just to get the concepts down and they are free.  I have also read good things about PMforSure (they have some free questions as well).

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Hi Raju:-


If there is anyone who would be desperately waiting for your results, apart from your family members and closed ones, that would be ME!


I say so because my scores are identical to yours except Oliver where you scored 77 and I was at 71.5% or Fail.



I shall be, like others, waiting for your results. However, I feel you are on since I know a couple of people who scored lesser than you and are a PMP today.


All the Best Raju.


God is Great!


Best, KK...

 I think you are in good shape..I haven't done the test you did except the Oliver 175 and the PMStud1 .My score was 72 and 74%..I cleared the exam with 3P and 2 MP. You should targer to get 5 P.. Take time to revise your scoer and chill out..

All the Best...