15 mins before exam

I know this could depend much on your gaps and stuff that you tend to mix up but how best can we make use of the 15 mins time you have before the actual exam starts ? What is better to write down on papers?

For people who took the exam ... What worked for you when you took the exam ? Do we really look at the papers when exam starts ? What does you expereince tell ?

1) Formulas 2) ITTO  ?

I probably will just write down the formulas only nothing more.

Thougts welcome

the braindump is for you put what ever you want in it that you would like to have a quick reference to

Many do not even refer to them during the exam, i did refer to my braindump a few times and it was nice to have. my braindump was everything below with a thumbs up. I included a few other things that some people like that i did not use.

once you get the item you want on the sheet and the layout ( i used one whole side for table 3-1 and the other for the rest of the info), then you have to practice writing it. You should do this at least 2x a day. You will have 15 min to execute the dump before the exam starts. I had it down to 10 min.

• Table 3-1 (pg 43) of the PMBOK® Guide 4th Edition
• Formulas, such as earned value, PERT, communication channels, procurement, probability, project selection and depreciation, PTA, Present /Future Value, EMV
• Values, such as 1, 2 and 3 sigma and estimate ranges
 - contract types
- positive/neg risk matrix
-Forward/ backward pass model
- orders of magnitude

• Acronyms, such as BAC or TCPI
• Powers of a project manager
• Conflict resolution (best to worst)
• Sources of conflict (order of priority)
• Herzberg's motivators
• Project closing check list

orders of magnitude value are not consistent across .

 some say +/- 50% ROM

 Budget est -10% to 25% and

definitive +/- 10%

These are values as per rita but Andy has other values.


I just answered this question and remarked that the brain dump is overrated.  After thinking about it, I should have said this -- as a tool to use in the exam, it is overrated. As a study method, it works well. By this, I mean that because I practiced my page 43 diagram and formula dumps so many times, I knew it all cold.  I hardly looked at my sheet.  It's a bit of a catch 22: if you can write all that down from memory, you won't need it. If you can't write it down from memory, you will :)



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 Dump forumula and process map. Can also dump some graphs(like S curve), can dump some Gurus nams like Quality, or HR if time left. Also dump important terms which u think is important but forget. Ex. QFD, of course if time is left. Would n't suggest go over 15 minutes and use one of the minutes from 4 hours from the test. {Here|Surry Hills Restaurants|Restaurants in Surry Hills|Click here}