who is most important stakeholder? sponsor or customer

Rita mentioned that the most important stakeholder is sponsor.

But according to the Chowdary notes, In important points -2, "Customers, internal or external,

are the most important stakeholders in a project"

Who is right?

Who is the most important stakeholder?

Please let me know.




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It depends on the context, most cases sponsor would be the the customer. Like you are department head and sponsoring a project for benefit of your department. But when sponsor is not customer like government sponsoring projects for welfare of people, or product development company sponsoring a project for some end customer, in those cases customer would be the more important, since sponsor's aim is to delight the customer and the success of the project would depend on how well it meets the customer needs.

Hence as I said it would depend on the context as to who is the most important stakeholder in the project