What is KICKOFF meeting and when does it occur

In some books they say, it occurs at the end of all 20 processes in Planning process group.


But i was going through a sample test and here is the explanation they gave, in it they mention about kickoff meeting:

The scope statement is an output of Define Scope The next step is the Create WBS process, and the output of that is the work breakdown structure (WBS). The product description should already be contained in the scope statement. The network diagram would not be generated until the WBS has been decomposed into activities and then sequenced. The kickoff meeting should have already occurred to begin this level of detailed planning, so as to include the project team in the scope definition process.


they mention kickoff meeting should already have occured i am a bit confused, please provide any info regarding kickoff meeting and when it will occur.


Thank you all for the helpful information.

Here is the Chronological Order:

Kick off meeting takes place after acquiring Project Team (HR Management Process) whose output is Project staff assignments, resource calendars.  The PM will call for a meeting with the newly formed project team and inform to the team the project objectives, roles and responsibilities and whom to contact etc in the kick off meeting.  Then with the help of the project team, PM develops WBS.  That WBS will then help develop all Time Management processes (which will later help develop Cost Management process).  Thus the Scope Baseline consisting of Scope Statement+ WBS + WBS dictionary is developed by PM with the help of Project Team.

hi, recently i failed my 1st attempt :(

 may i know is there a full Chronological Order like what you mention above in order for me to get a full picture?