Unique Question Bank - By Contribution of PMP Certified

Hi All,

I have, during my group study, come through various people who could provide excellent insight and provide a thought provoking level questions on PMP topics. Some times at par of the difficultly level of the main exam itself.

Hence I wanted to harness the common knowledge that all of us possess and wanted to create a unique question bank where PMP certified members contribute (copy paste from any other bank is banned) and create a knowledge repository for all aspiring PMP candidates to rely on.

 The guidelines for question contribution are here http://sites.google.com/site/mypmpprep/question-of-the-day/questionsubmissionguidelines


The questions can be found here - http://sites.google.com/site/mypmpprep/question-of-the-day

I invite all the PMP certified people to contribute in the best interests of every one.

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That's a very good initiative.... At least I will try to come up with some Questions. But I am prepearing for a certification and it will take me a couple of weeks may be more and then hopefully I will be an active particapant in it.


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The PMP Guru.