Can somebody please tell me what should be the right answer. I thought it be 4. What do you say???/


In your new project, you have to provide a critical deliverable within five months and do not have time to go through the Conduct Procurements process. You decide to sign a contract with a supplier with whom your company has done some work in the past. The risk you are accepting in this situation is: 



The ability of the supplier to deliver the goods



Collusion between the supplier and your team



Lack of proper scope definition



Lack of a legally binding agreemen








 Go with answer 1

Yes, the corect answer would be 1 as per two great people: Rita M and Shri Gobinathan :)


It cant be 4 since the contract is being signed or is already signed!

 Initially I thought of answer is 4, then realized this through PMStudy and made some analysis to confirm the answer is 1.

 The option says the conduct procurement is skipped which means that contract wasn't signed. so why not option 4 when there is greater risk with contract not being signed.

The question states that you decide to sign the contract without going through conduct procurement process.



Well, I guess in every new business there is some percentage of risk as well. So one should never afraid of it and must go for it with positive vibes and thoughts. All the best guys for writing help service that is amazing.