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PMaspire Review - Passing PMP exam on First Try is always challenging. According to researcher and PMP experts, PMP exam Simulator plays a vital role to pass PMP on first TRY. But confused which simulator is the best?

We come across PMaspire PMP Exam Simulator and did a test-drive to see the quality and value of the product. In this review, we will cover to pros and cons of PMaspire PMP Exam Simulator and how this simulator helps PMP aspirants pass PMP on first try with 50% less cost and time (saving 200 hours of study)

Success in PMP Exam depends how deep you practice. A PMP student should practice minimum 2500 questions to get a better preparation.

But the question is, is it really possible? The answer is yes!!! It is possible by an Exam simulator where you get scenario-based questions from all parts of PMBOK. But there are many exam simulators in the market. But the question is which one is the best one? What are the key features that make a simulator best? The solution is PMASPIRE’s PMP Exam Simulator. Why PMaspire?

Features of PMaspire PMP Exam Simulator:

  • Cloud Simulator – PMaspire Exam simulator is web-based. The questions and the substance of a web based test system can be overhauled flawlessly and effortlessly. You don't need to stress over the contents overhauls. You don't need to perform programming upgrades or download new files. You can study and practice on the GO.
  • Exam Simulation – It is similar to the actual exam. The user module of PMASPIRE’s PMP exam simulator closely resembles the actual exam interface and it provides same features and support.
  • Full Length Exams – It provide a few full-length 200 questions exams. PMP students should go through full-length tests before appearing in the PMP exam. The PMP exam is quite long. By doing a full length exam pmp student will get to know their sitting capacity, speed concentration limit and accuracy.
  • Model Exam Generator – PMASPIRE’s Exam Simulator have a feature to generate multiple-length tests based on a Knowledge Area or a Process Group. This will help you to focus on and improve your weak areas. You can practice according to the knowledge and process area where you find yourself weak.
  • Exam Analytics – PMASPIRE’s Exam Simulator provide good explanations for the correct as well as incorrect answers. It provides PMBOK Guide’s references wherever needed. Many simulators provide only the answers or inadequate explanations. The real learning achieve through understanding the explanations.
  • Study Materials – PMaspire PMP exam simulator has study materials sections which includes special notes on 47 Process Chart, ITTO’s, PMP Quick Study Guide, Math exercises, solutions and explanation etc which really helps a PMP aspirants pass on first try !
  • Experience Calculator – PMaspire PMP exam simulator has 4500 hours calculator tool that helps PMP aspirants to calculate project experience to meet exam eligibility criteria.
  • Feedback – with this simulator PMP aspirant will be able to provide feedback for the practice questions. By their review or feedback others aspirants will be encourage using it.





Feature List


Rita’s FASTrack


Free Full Simulated Exam




PMP Questions Bank





Simulated Model Exam




Practice Knowledge Area Wise

Practice Process Group wise

Model Exam Generator

Practice by Difficulty Level [Easy/Medium/Difficult]

*Limited Feature

Student Study Plan [In built Study Checklist]

Flash Card


Study Notes/Material Section

Experience Hour Calculator

Examiner/Trainer Simulator

Portuguese Version of PMP Simulator

*Limited Feature

Spanish Version of PMP Simulator

*Limited Feature

Cloud PMP Simulator

Device Compatibility

Compatible to Tab, Mobile, PC or any OS

Browser Compatibility

PMP Quick Study Guide



Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5.0


PMaspire PMP Exam Simulator is the best cloud exam simulator that helps pmp aspirants pass pmp on First Try with 120 hours only (saving 200 hours of study)


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