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Hi All,

I attempted a mock session from Scordo and I gave wrong answers to all these 9 questions.

How many of you will get right answers?




QUESTION 1) Shawn is in the execution phase of his project. He is getting unexpected requests from his stakeholders about the project progress. All of the following can be used by Shawn to respond to their requests EXCEPT:

  1.  The project management plan

  2.  The stakeholder register

  3.  Organizational process assets

  4.  Performance reports


QUESTION 2) Project-A has an initial investment of $10 million, out of which $3.5 million has already been spent. This project gives a good control for the stakeholders on the revenues collected from oil and gas industry. Project-B, with the same goal as project-A requires only $7.5 million for completion if it starts now. Which project should you choose based on the information presented above?

  1.  Project-B

  2.  Both projects

  3.  Project-A

  4.  None of the above

QUESTION 3) All of the following are outputs belong to the Create WBS process, EXCEPT?

  1. The requirements traceability matrix

  2. The project scope statement

  3. The codes of account identifiers

  4. The technical reference information


QUESTION 4) A team member in your project is constantly providing incomplete deliverables and not performing well. Instead of releasing him from the project, you would like to give him one more chance for improvement. You meet with him and say " You need to complete your deliverables because our Director would like to have the project on time". What form of project management power are you exercising in this scenario?

  1.  Referent

  2.  Formal

  3.  Reward

  4.  Expert


QUESTION 5) You are in the process of collecting and disseminating performance information to the stakeholders in the project. You want to predict the future performance of the project based on the current information. This performance information includes status reports, current status of risks, and summary of changes approved in the period. Which of the following methods help you in predicting the future performance of the project?

  1. A time-series method

  2. A pareto chart

  3. A run chart

  4. A work breakdown structure


QUESTION 6) All of the following statements about project management process groups are correct EXCEPT:

  1. All of the project groups would repeat for each subproject in a large project

  2. The project management process groups are not project phases

  3. There are five project management process groups required for any project

  4. Project process groups are often performed only once in each phase

QUESTION 7) You are managing a heavy equipment manufacturing project that involves many mechanical, electrical as well as IT staff. Your team prepared a schedule network diagram using duration estimates with dependencies and constraints. Your team also calculated the critical path for the project using late and early values. Today, your project office has indicated about the non-availability of some of the resources you planned for the project. Now, you explore the possibility of modifying the schedule to account for limited resources. What is your best possible step in such a situation?

  1. Recalculate critical path using the critical chain method

  2. Perform resource leveling to account for limited resources

  3. Use crashing or fast tracking to level resources across the project

  4. Apply leads and lags to develop a viable schedule

QUESTION 8) All of the following activities are performed in the close project or phase process EXCEPT

  1.  Activities that fulfill the exit criteria of the project

  2.  Documenting the reasons for deliverables which were rejected

  3.  Activities which are needed to transfer the completed products to operations

  4.  Documenting the reasons for projects terminated early

QUESTION 9) You have recently taken over a troubled automobile project which has gone out of control. The project team missed many deadlines and stakeholders were not happy with the project progress. As an experienced project manager, your first priority is to bring the schedule into alignment with the project plan. You would like to use what-if scenario analysis to see how various factors affected the project schedule so that you can develop a plan to reduce the impact of adverse conditions on the project schedule in future. What would be your next course of action once you determine the factors that created schedule overrun?

  1. Prepare a resource breakdown structure to identify resources used

  2. Update activity lists to incorporate new activities into the schedule

  3. Generate change requests to update the schedule baseline

  4. Develop project schedule network diagrams to determine the total slack



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1 3
2 3
3 2
4 1
5 1 not sure
6 4
7 3
8 3
9 3



Sorry RD for giving the answers late. Here we go...


1. D

2. C

3. B

4. A

5. D

6. D

7. D

8. B

9. C



1-3;   2-3;    3-4;   4-2;   5-3;   6-4;   7-4;   8-1;  9-4


Finally Here are the Answers:

  1. 2

  2. 3

  3. 1

  4. 1

  5. 1

  6. 4

  7. 1

  8. 2

  9. 3





1 2
2 3
3 4
4 1
5 1
6 4
7 2
8 3
9 4