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Hello Experts,

Please could you help answer on the below query and why?

As documented in the scope statement, the project objectives should include which of the following?

a)      A description of the business need that brought about this project

b)      A brief summary of the product description, including measurable, quantifiable product requirements that will help measure project success

c)       Quantifiable criteria, including at least cost, schedule and quality measures

d)      Quantifiable criteria derived from value engineering, value analysis, or function analysis.




I would go for A. Reason being that a scope statement must have the following components:


  • Justification: A brief statement regarding the business need your project addresses. (A more detailed discussion of the justification for the project appears in the project charter.)

  • Product scope description: The characteristics of the products, services, and/or results your project will produce.

  • Acceptance criteria: The conditions that must be met before project deliverables are accepted.

  • Deliverables: The products, services, and/or results your project will produce (also referred to as objectives).

  • Project Exclusions: Statements about what the project will not accomplish or produce.

  • Constraints: Restrictions that limit what you can achieve, how and when you can achieve it, and how much achieving it can cost.

  • Assumptions: Statements about how you will address uncertain information as you conceive, plan, and perform your project.

    As you can see from above, the justification for the project addresses the objectives and hence only choice A seems right to me.


I would go with B,

As Project Scope Statement should be brief summary of what need to be achieved , normally restricted to 35 words or less, clearly drafted to understand what is the scope of the project and what is termed as success.

Ex : " Construct a Wooden Chair of 16x14 Dimension for seating single person of max weight 100kg. "

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Thanks for the replies.

From the test site :

C. The project objectives should include quantifiable criteria that can be used to help measure project success. Project objectives should always include schedule, cost, and quality requirements.