Question - Project update

Senior management has asked for an update on your project’s budget and deliverables. This information will be contained in:

 a. Work performance information
b. Status reports
c. Progress reports
d. Variance and trend analysis

Could the rationale behind why the incorrect answers cannot be used be mentioned too?

As per my understanding the answer should be d.

The important factor here is the audience to this report-Senior Management. The best method to present reports
to the senior management is through graphs and trends pictorially.

Please let me know if this correct.



Correct answer is work performance information.

It gives you Deliverable status,schedule progress and Cost incurred.

There are no words like Progress report or status report in PMBOK.

Variance  analysis is one of T & T of Control cost and control schedule.It does not give you information on deliverables.




Correct answer is A. It contains performance information for deliverables and cost.

Status reports contains quality and scope also.

The terms are vary confusing and one has to go by wordings given in PMBOK for WPI, status report, progress report, performance reports etc.