Query related to Lag


Please help me explain the following:

In PMBOK Ver 5 Page 158 , there is following example:-

Activity Write Draft --> SS - 15 Days (Lag) --> Activity Edit Draft.

It mentions that Activity Edit Draft will start 15 days AFTER the Activity Write Draft.

This shown by Start to Start Relationship with 15 days lag.

My query:-

1) If it is Start to Start Relationship with 15 days lag, then why we are not mentioning the relationship as SS + 15 Days (Lag)?

2) Why we are NOT using the Plus Sign (+) like SS + 15 Days (Lag)


Please help.




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I too have the same question as this one. 

In PMBOK it is mentioned that Lead is often represented as a negative value for lag.

Then, in that case should not the lag be (+) in this query?






The '-' in the term SS - 15 Days is NOT a minus sign. It is a dash.....ignore it!