PMZilla Question 1: Strange Question!

Following is a part of PMZilla 25 Test questions.

Question 1: You are into Schedule development phase of your project. You have been asked to emphasize on resources required to do project tasks, more than task orders or schedules. With this in mind which of the following tools will you use?
A. Critical Path
B. Resource Leveling
C. Resource Calendars
D. Critical Chain Method

I selected choice B, while PMZilla says the answer is D. And following is the explanation:

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is a method of planning and managing projects that puts more emphasis on the resources required to execute project tasks.

Can any one tell me why the above question is part of PMZilla 25 Exam question? No where in the PMBOK 4.0 CCPM is discussed or even referenced. And why CCPM is not the choice in answer?

What would you select in this case?

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I will have to correct you here. Look at page 155, Critical chain method is mentioned there and in several other places in PMBOK 4th edition



Thanks for your comment.

So this means, Critical Chain Method, and Critical Chain Project Management are same things? I looked for "Critical Chain Project Management" in PMBOK 4.0, and dint find it. 

Critical chain method is T & T of develope schedule is used when there is limited resources.