PMP Exam tips and Support 2017 in advance with PMBOK 6th edition

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Greeting!!!!! From Infocareer Pvt. Limited ( ). Further to your PMP training, We would like to inform well in advance that PMBOK 6th edition is expected  to release on Q3-2017 ( i.e, JUL - SEP ) and 6th edition exam will start from Q1-2018( i.e, JAN - MAR ). To support PMP aspirants to clear the exam in the current edition, at free of cost we are planning to send following every day:
- One Quick review/exam tips/tricks
- One PMP question
- One Flash Card. 
We want you to engage 5-10 minutes a day and put you back in finishing the exam before version change.To get messages every day please send message from your WhatsApp account  ‘PMP’ to 90030 96992 We invite you to take part and give your valuable inputs and also support us. 
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