PMP Exam Question


Yesterday I made my first attempt and failed.  I have got the following problem and I don't know how to proceed with: If I recall correctly the question is:

The original plan to complete a task was 4 weeks.  Engineering department added 6 weeks to complete the task.  As per the organizational process assets it takes only 2 weeks to complete that task.

The following options are:






I'm sorry. I don't remeber the exact values listed above but, I'm sure that all the four values are listed in 18.x


Please help me how can I arrive the above results.  I tried Rough order estimate, PERT and triangular but nothing close to 18.x


2) In which stage Conflict will develop in a team






Advance thanks,






Sorry to hear, just look for the gaps and work on those areas.


I am also planning to give my exam next month, we all know the exam is not straight forward, pretty much all the questions are twisted some way, none are straught forward.


For 2nd question, I think the answer is STORMING.

In Forming - usually avoid conflict and disagreement.

Norming - This is when people start to resolve their differences, appreciate colleagues' strengths, and respect your authority as a leader.

Adjourning - Team leaves the project.


So the only option is Storming (I am guessing)


Q1 - I have no clue.

Good Luck.


This is tuckmans model - it's quite intuitive. You can imagine a group of people bring brought together to form a project team, initially not knowing each other and being somewhat leaderless and unsure of their roles. This is Forming, however this tension can lead to conflict in the early stages as roles are being defined and people are getting to know each other. It's easy to identify that storming would be the problem area just from it's name i.e. STORM. From there it's just a question of team maturity, people get to know and trust each other and the work starts getting done (Norming) again coming from the word NORMAL it's intuitive. And finally it becomes a cohesive well oiled high performinmg machine (hopefully anyway). Now they are performing.

Re - your other question, the PMZilla Psychic's are currently on vacation - best to post the full question or nothing. :)