PMP exam passed on Dec. 15

Hi guys,

I want to share with you some comments and tips for the exam, since I passed it yesterday, with two Proficiency and 3 MP.

- 75 days study period.

 - 1 time PMBOK, completely useless for me, 3 times RITA = very useful and enough

- last 10 days: questions on examcentral, and two fully test on PMstudy (one for free, one for 25 dollars. The last one, 3 days before the exam, I scored 73%).

I found the PMstudy questions very similar to those of the exam. I discarded other test sites since I found questions too easy and/or too difficult, so a waste of time. Since I have only 75 days to prepare it I decided to focalize the effort on trusted sources (based on comments from other attendants and colleagues).

Strategy: I set a clear strategy that was not to loose time on time consuming questions like those for CPM that require drawing and it was a good strategy since it allowed me to save 20 minutes to review more questions at the end.

It doesn't make sense to spend 3 minutes on a question for which you have doubts and then come back again and spend more time on it. suggestion for time consuming questions is to choose (ALWAYS, do not leave it blank) one answer quickly, and move on.

You will then have time to review some questions.

Remember that...complicated questions...or simple ones...they count the same! 1 point...  so don't waste your time on one or two questions.

As I said I read the PMBOK once just to have an idea and then I focused on Rita. That's all you need. First time Rita, I skipped the questions at the end of each chapter, 2nd time I answered them and took notes of the gaps, same thing the third time. Then, in the last 7-10 days I reviewed the gaps based on results from the online tests.

The exam requires constant attention, bring some food (at least I did it and it was useful after two hours..), but since you have to leave the room to eat or drink, look at the time, you should take 4-5 minutes no more.

In general check the time to see where you are. Since there are 200 question, you need to answer 25 questions in 30 minutes, but you should be able to do it in 25 minutes at least, to gain some time for reviewing questions at the end.

Do the mock tests, they help you, when you are at good point of your training...or you think so ;) and the mock tests tells the truth, at least those I recommended.

Some notes on the exam far as I remember:

-  Many questions on Integrated Change Control.. really...many

- 3-4 questions on CPM

- A few on INPUT - OUTPUT

- 7-8 on project charter

- HR questions (like type of power, conflict, etc)

- Many on stakeholder

- Questions on risk were easy

- 1 or2 on ethical and similar

- More than expected on Procurements

- Questions on scope quite easy

 - a few on Initiating

Ok guys, I hope this post helps you and if you need some help just ask,

Bye bye from Italy.