Passed the exam yesterday 14-2-2013, want to share some tips with you

 Hi All

I glad to say that I've passed the exam ( thanks GOD) , it was little bit tough experiment , I just want to share some of my practices before the exam and through it :

1- I studied the PIMBOK about 2 times

2- I studied Rita 2 times

3- I solved the 1500 questions for rita after that I made the two rita exams ( PMP and Super PMP) I scored around 96% ( note this trial after finalizing the 1500 questions two times ( Knowledge areas then processes)

4- Solved 200 free question from PM study (please concentrate on this exam and make it the final as the exam has similarity with it (time consuming and the difficulty) scored 72%

5- Solved 200 Q from "” you have to download the program containing the exam (finalized it in 5 hours and 30 min with score 73% J ) (For the free trial no answers just right or wrong)

That’s it.

-Through my previous study I found that the most important issue is to manage your time, all of us studied well and if we found the time we will answer, but unfortunately the time is precious during the exam and if you forget yourself either you will not find time to answer all the questions or you be in rush and the probability to get correct answers will be decreased, you have only Max 70 sec/question, so these are some tips during the exam for better time Mgmt:

1- Write down in your scratch paper the following:

      - 3:45    = 15 questions, 3:30 =30 questions , 3:15 =45 questions  and so on till you reach the 200 question by this way you can check if you are in track or not , or you behind and need to speed up

2- If you are not sure from question put your answer and marked it, don't spend time thinking what is the right answer (if you following the time Mgmt above you will find time to review your suspected answers)

Hope the best for all of you 


Ahmed, PMP

 Congratulations Ahmed!.

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Thanks Ahmed for posting here and congratulations on your PMP

  Dear Friend,


         Thanks for sharing your LL.