Pass PMP in Very First Attempt !!!

Hi All,

If you are sincerely interested to pass the PMP exam in very first attempt, you can try to attend a course conducted by Project Management Solutions ( a Singapore firm.  The course "Tips, Tricks and Exam Questions Review" a 2 days course, which provides all kinds of tips and tricks what a Project Manager must know, before you appear the exam.

I attended the course and I easily passed my exam in very first attempt.  The course also covers all PMP exam questions and explains the rational for the choosing the right answer.  It does really helps when you doing the PMP exam on-line.

A difficulty in PMP exam is all answers are correct answers.  You should choose the right answer for the questions.  So, you need to understand the trips and tricks and need to understand the tricks on how to choose the right answer and the rational behind it.

If you can form a team of 10 people, the trianer from the company will fly over to your door step and will conduct the class.  The course fees are really cheaper than you pay for the subsequent PMP exam attempts and also the strain and stress for reappearing the exam.  You can refer to or send email to and contact immediately to get your PMP credit.