Need explanations with some answers for PMZilla Tough 25 Questions


can somebody help me with explanation of those questions below?


1 Q: You have just been assigned to a project and you discover that feasibility analysis and decision to go ahead is already made. Further you find that without discussing with you or your involvement, basic decisions on staffing, budgeting, completion dates and deliverables have also been made. What is the first thing you will do.?


Correct Answer

Get the documents which describe project selection process and ensure that they describe all the decision process and their outcomes


Create a project schedule and show all the milestones and deadlines linked with them. Do this with the completion dates supplied to you

Start with Risk management, determine all the project risk and do risk assessment to prepare risk register

Check if Quality assurance plan is in place, which will address the level of quality required for the project

2 Q: You will not be handling a large project with multiple departments & suppliers participating. Stakeholder management will be key for your success. You expect politics, conflicts, and personal gains coming in the way of project’s success. How do I handle the politics between all the stakeholders?


Correct Answer

Put a strong governance structure where all department managers report to you and ensure all contracts have penalties


B. Try to build personal relations with each manager so you can work easily with them.

Start by having kickoff meeting with all stakeholders and ensure that everyone understands project objectives

Due to politics you will never complete on time. You must add buffers to you estimate to de-risk




3. Q: You are managing a team of highly motivated R & D project. It’s your job to finalize Human resource planning. You are trying to best assign Roles and Responsibilities to your project team. You would have done all the following except:


Correct Answer

Examples of project roles in your project would be Analyst, Architect, Project Manager or Tester.

You should assign clear responsibilities for all roles

To improve competency of your team members, you will use team development activities like Training or mentoring.

To get the best performance from your team members, you should match their individual levels of authority to their competency.




4. Q: You are conducting procurements and you have finalized the seller you want to go with. You are now ready to sign a contract with the seller. Which of the following will you focus on for sign off. Select the BEST answer: )



Correct Answer

Ensure that contract is legally binding


Ensure it has detailed SOW

Ensure that seller has signed off.

Ensure that contract is fixed price to avoid risk to you.



For the last Q about procurements: why is legal departmant not the one who shold make sure that contract is legaly binding (since they are legal expers)? Why PM has to take care that contract is legal binding (besides taking care that it contains appropriate SOW, special provisions that project need etc.)?

I scored 60% on these questions. I'm not sure if this is sufficient scoring for my PMP exam, which is due in 1,5 weeks. What do you think? I know that they are tough and sure hope that PMP is not as heavy as these questions...


I did also some other online simulation tests and my results are as following (I did Rita's Example exam deconcentraced, so I scored poorly): 


Oliver's 75 free PMP questions 84%
Rita - PM FASTrack Example exam 64%
PM Study free exam (full) 77%
20 Free PMP Exam prep questions  80%
Quick 12 Free PMP Questions 75%
Free pm exam questions 87% 70% 84%


 I have still couple of days left, but do you think that this is sufficient scoring for the exam? I know that I should know the best how prepared I am, but I would like to hear also some other opinions....

Tnx and KR.

As per me pmzilla questions are bit tough and its bit different from real exam. 

Instead you can take

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