A key stakeholder of the project is contacted

A key stakeholder of the project is contacted for a requirements document approval, but shows no interest. The project manager decides to have a friendly, informal discussion with him to understand the reason for his lack of interest. During the conversation, the stakeholder expresses his displeasure that two of his key suggestions were not addressed on the project. He feels as though his approval or feedback doesn't really matter since his main requirements are not being captured. What is the best option for the project manager in this case?

Agree with stakeholder and doesn't take his approval on requirements. Remove his name from the list of stakeholders and avoid communicating with him further on project status
Incorporate the requirements of the stakeholder and then take his approval
Talk to your project sponsor about the issue and take his approval before taking any further action
Explain to the stakeholder that although his suggestions were appreciated, it is not possible to address all of them in this release due to project constraints. You will revisit them for the next phase

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Its not clear , why the suggestions are not being incorporated. Since you are contacting stakeholder for approval, you probably need his approval to proceed else why would you contact ?

So not taking stakeholder approval is not an option. These are main requirements so there is no point in bypassing and getting approval from sponsor, neither can you defer it to next release.

Your best bet is to incorporate the requirements and get his approval.


The answer given is D.
My doubt is the PM cannot decide whether or not the scope can be added in the next release so he revisiting the changes next release will not help.

Moreover what's wrong with meeting with the sponsor.

Simplilearn question btw.

why A,B,C and D options missing in question. It is difficult to read and understand.

The exam can be vague in questions but we have to deal with them anyway. In this case the inference is that this stakeholder's requirement were heard but a decisions was made to not include them.

Answer A infers the PM is going to ignore the stakeholder altogether.
B infers the PM is ignoring other stakeholders and the approval process.
C is similar to B.
D is correct because it doesn't ignore approved processes or stakeholder requirements. It also doesn't say that these requirements definitely WILL be in the next release, just revisited (i.e.,, taken through the regular process).

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