Information required:Best institute in Hyderabad for classroom training for PMP

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I am planning to take PMP certification .Please let me know the best insitutes for PMP Classroom training in Hyderabad.


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The classroom training courses are the best for learning. They can increase the chances of your success substantially.
To do a classroom training, you should find the best trainer in your city. The trainer is the most important aspect of a classroom training. You would be spending 4 days with the trainer. If the trainer is not good then these 4 days will be wasted and your money will go down the drain.
Most people look for the best institute but I think the trainer is more important than the institute. An aspirant remains in contact with the trainer for 4 days. The institute has very little role during these 4 days. It does not mean that the institute is not important. A good institute would provide comprehensive study material & good post workshop support. But first find out a good trainer and then choose the institute. You can search on LinkedIn to find good trainers in your city.
Classroom course are usually most expensive. The classroom training can cost between $200-$2500 depending on your geography/country. If you are living in South Asia, a classroom course will cost less than an good online self-learning course.

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