HR Question i guess

 In your previous project, the project manager gave a lot of autonomy to the team members, which led to anarchy. The management style followed by the project manager was:

  Choice 1  Directing 
  Choice 2  Laissez faire 
  Choice 3  Delegating 
  Choice 4  Democratic 


What is Laissez faire , never heard this term.

Answer is Choice 2.  Laissez faire  is synonymous with autonomy - No restrictions- No regulations- No controls - Allowed to do as the team wishes to - Just like IPL cricket- that ends in chaos, utter mess, abuse etc


Project Manager gave lot of Autonommy which lead anarchy(Authorization)...that is the Delegating managmnet style so i would say # 2 is the correct answer


Laissez Faire:- This is a french term and has been translated as meening "Allow to act" leave alone..This style can be appropriate with highly skilled team...



I agree just like IPL... its money & match fixing,  there is close to Rs. 7000 crores involved.