Handling customer request for additional scope


Half way during the project execution phase, the customer wants to add new scope. The functionality is crucial for the customer and they must have it in the final product.


- The above customer change request is an input to which process(es)? ... i.e., at what point(s) does the customer request enter the Process Framework?





 1 - First evaluate the impacts of Scope addition.

2 - Document and raise a change request

3 - Enters to Integrated Change Control

4 - Either approved and rejected depended on CCB decision

5 - Document the status update and re-baseline the affected baselines


Thanks. Yes, but am curious to know what PMI process(es) the steps 1 & 2 come under.


(Step 3 takes the Change Request of Step 2 as an input.)




 You may initiate it anytime throughout the project. You might be in the middle of execution, or during administering procurements, or while you are verifying the scope. The time is irrelevant.


That's not the question. I am looking for which PMI process(es) the steps 1 & 2 fall under.  I mean the names of the process(es).




Please look at all input which says "change order" thats what the process they are getting implimented


It's not that straightforward.

Pls read my original question and subsequent responses to elthox above.

Also, 'change order' does not seem to be a PMI term. You won't find it in PMBOK I would think.

If you meant to say 'change request', then pls note that the change requests mentioned in PMBOK seem to be generated from corrective action or preventive action etc. I am looking for a customer requested change.




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I guess a customer pushed change request would enter the project through Integrated Change Control, just like other change requests.


Eventually, yes. But I am talking about the step where the PM evaluates the impact of the scope change, prior to sending it to the Integrated Change Control process.

What process does the above mentioned evaluation come under? That remains a mystery.



As you said a change can be at any time - change is something that effects what ever we have established to follow through - so its not in initiation and planning - because all changes before the sign of PM plan need not go through CCB . once there is a change - how we do we know that its a change ? by comparing it with our plan or base lines ? so we are measuring the impact of the change from our standard or baseline - and we take actions to accommodate the change and once we accommodate the change the project comes back into control - guess it should be in M & C -

please let me know