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I have booked my PMP exam next month.

Kindly tell me good question bank  for preparation.







YOu can find all the resources that can be used here 

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@ mgurunath.

I don't know who compiled this list but my Video Tutorial was on top and I liked that :)


I would recommend all the Questions that has an explanation. Mere answer A or B or C or D is correct is useless. The Question Bank should provide you with sufficient detail regarding the Correctness of the Question.

Also there are Many resources selling there materials but they are either not uptodate or they dont have Quality Questions.

I am not an agent or trying to sell any material to you.

But when I started a year back for the PMP and uptil now I like the following Three Vendors:

PMstudy, Crosswind, There was another one but I dont remember now.

Also I would suggest don't buy any expensive Question Bank. If it's more expensive than the exam it's better to fail the exam and do it the next try :)

Also there are Thousands of Questions available for Free. So just get it and study accordingly..

If you are still not satisfied, Write to me again and I will guide you.


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 > I don't know who compiled this list

This site is my little web effort to consolidate info for budding PMPs

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I surf the site and saw your name. Good Job man. Keep it up.

The more Knowledge you share the more Knowledge you get.

Keep in Touch.

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