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PMBOK Section:    Sequence Activities   

Process Group:    Planning  Process Group    

Question Type:    Calculation   

Knowledge Area:   Time Management    

Difficulty Level: Moderate         

Question: "Activity / Duration / Predecessor


A / 2 / Start

B / 4 / A,E

C / 6 / A

D / 3 / B,C

E / 7 / Start

F / 2 / E


What is the critical path?"          

A. Start-A-B-D-End        

B. Start-E-F-End         

C. Start-A-C-D-End        

D. Start-E-B-D-End                    


Hint : Use PDM to calculate.       

Reference: PMBOK4 - pg:138                   



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The correct answer is D.

Explanation: The critical path of the data given is Start-E-B-D-End. Hence choice D is correct, while rest of the choices is incorrect.