EVM Calculations

Please refer the attached file about EVM.


The correct answer to this question (with green arrow) says that both cost and schedule are BAD at the moment.


From my assessment of the graph, we are approximately at 60% in terms of EV (earned value) with Planned Value at around 50% (4 out of 8 iterations done). Actual Cost is probably around 65% of total cost.


this tells me we are doing well on schedule but not great on cost. Why does the correct answer say we are behind schedule? Am I missing something?


Thanks a lot for your help.

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So just to confirm: you too feel that we are doing well on schedule but not great on cost? THis is a Qn from Skillsoft.



Somehow, my previous comment is lost somewhere. Doesn't matter.

Yes. Not doing good on cost but doing good on schdule. For answering these Q, we have to consider Cumulative CPI/SPI on the data date.

Skillsoft should have a good Q bank. Maybe, one odd Q has a mistake.

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I would say just extend the line on the graph and take it all the way to end you will see EV and AC gap would be huge towards the end of graph

Hence the highlighted answer is correct.