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A project management professional can compare earned value performance data to all of the following project
management tools EXCEPT:
A. Critical path analysis.
B. Technical performance metrics.
C. Risk mitigation plans.
D. Forecasted final costs and schedule estimates.

What is the ans. I am not able to understand the question. Can someone help?

Thanks in advance.


I will go with Option B - Technical Performance metrics -

EV performance data is an indicator of A) Schedule performance - whether the project is ahead or behind or on plan/target  B) Cost performance - whether the project costs are below the budgetted level or overrun the budget or at budget level.  The Question is asking where this information is NOT useful in the listed 4 choices

Option A - Can we do critical pathanalysis based on the above cost and schedule performance. Possibly yes since we have the scheduled work and completed work as of that date is available and we know the efficiency with which the work is progressing so far.  We can guesstimate by doing some trend analysis whether we can meet the critical path or not

Option B - Can we measure technical performance based on the EV info?  I guess NO!  Just because the project time and costs are ahead/behind does convey nothing about quality of deliverables produced so far, whether they met the specifications and performance characteristics

Option C - Can we work on risk mitigation plaans based on EV performance?  Possibly yes!  If the project is slipping in terms of time or cost, we can explore Plan B or Plan C and minimize risk with the current plan and control the project costs or schedule or both


Option D - Can we forecast final costs and schedule estimates - Ofcourse Yes.  That is what we do in the first place based on the current EV performance



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Very good explanation...

Thanks Chandra

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Very good explanation.  Practice more of such questions where the answer is not obvious and requires some thinking.

Regards , Admin

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Thanks Chandra,

Beautifully explained.

I will second Chandra on Option B.

Adding More: EVM has no provision to measure project quality, so it is possible for EVM to indicate a project is under budget, ahead of schedule and scope fully executed, but still have unhappy clients and ultimately unsuccessful results.

Which got me really confused to justify.  Your reasoning and explanation has really helped break down the question options and in my understanding.



'cause answer 1, 2 and 3 are tools or techniques while 4 is not a tool but just a tool output