difference between Progressive Elaboration and Rolling Wave Planning


Q1-> Can you please tell me the difference between Progressive Elaboration and Rolling Wave Planning ??

Q2-> In PMP Exam we assume the Organization is Matrix can you please tell me which matrix is that Weak , Strong , or Medium???


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Rolling wave planning is the process of planning for a project in waves (phases) as the project progresses and things become more clearer.

Rolling Wave Planning We can see more clearly what is in close proximity, but looking further ahead our vision becomes less clear.  Depending upon the project - its length and complexity - we may be able to plan as much as a few weeks or even a few months in advance with a fair amount of clarity. Rolling Wave Planning is a multi-step, intermittent process like waves - because we cannot provide the details very far out in our planning. A detailed, well-defined WBS is created for that period of clarity, and only milestones are highlighted for the rest of the project.

Progressive Elaboration is what happens in rolling wave planning process. Progressive Elaboration means that over time we elaborate the work packages in greater detail. Progressive Elaboration refers to the fact that as the weeks and months pass we have planned to provide that missing, more elaborated detail for the work packages as they now appear on the horizon.

Generally in development projects the scope progressively elaborates, this poses a great risk to schedule/cost as the estimation is usually done during the start of the project and not all elaborations are considered as changes.


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For Question 2. Generally you would assume a medium matrix. However in real exam I dont think your answer would change based on which type of matrix you assume.

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