Difference between the following components

Could someone eloborate the difference between the following components with the help of examples. Moreover if software development excamples are used that would be event better -:)

1) Project Management Information System

2) Configuration Management System

3) Change Control System

4) Work Authorization System.



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1) PMIS is something like Rational portfolio manager. IT would store all the information like scope, schedule, cost and its like a repository of all project documents.

2) This you probably already know, common tools are Visual source safe ( Now VSTS) , the one where you do version control of your code etc.

3) Change control system will keep track of all the changes, as per PMBoK its super set and Config Management system is subsystem within it

4) Any system which would be used to authorize work to vendors or project team members. Like if you have a incident tracking system, only if you assign the work there it would go to the respective vendor. Likewise different industries have diff systems, some places it can be manual signed documents to authorize work .