Critical Path and Near Critical Path

Imagine you have a critical path A-B-C-D of 20 days duration.

You have other path like A-B-E of 16 days duration.

Now the questions tells you that activity E increases in 3 days.

What's the situation now?.

Possible answers:

a) Nothing

b) Risk increases

Sumarized, answer B is correct.

I realize that A-B-E has become a near-critical-path (19 days). But is it enough to consider that the risk of the project has increased ??

Where is the limit to chose this answer?, I mean, instead increasing E by 3 days, what happen if we increase it by 1 day? A-B-E would be 17 days.

Is it still considered a near critical path?. Have the risk increased too in this case?.


I hope i explained myself properly :)



Don't be distracted by the term 'near critical path' which in itself is difficult to define.

In PMP exam, we should select the BEST answer from the options provided.  As such, the project risk will, THEORETICALLY, increase even though any non-critical path takes just 1 day longer.