You are the project manager with seven team members. One more member will be joining the team after a week. What will be the number of communication channels once the new member joins your team?

  Choice 1  28 
  Choice 2  21 
  Choice 3  18 
  Choice 4  36 

Total number of people = 1 (project manager) + 7 (team members) + 1 (new team member) = 9

no. of communication channels = n(n-1)/2 = 9 * 8/2 = 36.

Correct Answer is D.


This is pretty straight forward.

Number of Comm. Channels = N (N-1) /2

N= Total Team members=PM+existing members 7 + New member = 9

No. of Comm. Channels = 9* 8 /2 = 36



Yes 36 is the correct answer :-

Total Team Member =8 + 1 Project Manager


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I agree with the answers. Thankyou for the explanation @ swamy_akella, ChandraR, ambahnaresh.

The formula of communication is straight forward [N*(N-1)/2] but the Questions can be tricky.

Please watch my Video explaning all the different technique's and tricks that you can do with this Formula.


I hope it will be helpful for the PMP Aspirants.

Kind Regards,


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