communication skills

Two people are arguing about what needs to be done to complete a work package. If the project manager wants to know what is going on, she should pay most attention to:

a) what is being said and when

b) what is being said, who is saying it, and the time of the day

c) physical mannerism and what is being said

d) the ptich and tone of the voices, and physical mannerisms






and the correct answer is d) cause, non verbal communication represent 55% of communication. Choice D adds paralingual communication (pitch and tone).

source: Rita's book, 6th edition

How can we understand a conversation without paying attention to what is said? this is the basis of a conversation. I would expect the message to be more important than paralingual communication.


I agree with you.

I think this is one of those questions where you just have to go with PMIsm or personal whims of the person who is asking this question. When I first saw the question and choices then I thought that options C and D can never be correct answer and it must be between A and B. But then I looked at the answer you provided and I was like WTH!!

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Non -verbal may be 55% , but you need verbal communication if you have to make decision. So paying attention to pitch tone etc will certainly not help.

I think the question can be rephrased, to "When listening to their arguments, what will help her understand the issue better ?"