Communication or Reports

1. PM is submitting the status report to stakeholder, who responsibility is to confirm the report is understood.

a. PM

b. Stakeholder

c. Sponser

d. PM team

2. During the Team meeting, PM provides the status reports to the team. Who's responsibility is to confirm the report is understood

a. PM

b. Team

c. PM Team

4. Stakeholder


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Reciever of the message is suppose to ensure that the message is understood and reply back.

 Hence the answers to questions like these would be reciever.

Agreed to some extent....

The sender is also resposible for ensuring the message is understood by the receiver as per pmbok.

So i am still not clarified! 

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Let me throw some more light on to this question.

This is not a PMP like questions, because most situational questions  in PMP will ask, what you should do FIRST or what is the BEST thing to do.

 I agree that both sender and reciever are responsible, but reciever should first acknowlege that the communication recieved and understood. THis is also as per PMBOK

Read the question carefully.

In the first one, its a report being sent. The PM need to ensure message is understood.  

In the second instance its a meeting, there's verbal dialog going on. The receiver i.e. the team need to provide feedback to make sure the message is understood.

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Yes that is a good explaination. Thanks caleb