communication channels question


I have a doubt in the communication channels. If we have  4 team members in the project and if we are asked to calculate a communication channel, i know the forumla is n(n-1)/2 , but wha tis confusing is that some websites show the result taking in to account the project manager as well and hence making n=5 but some websites calculate the channels by assuming n=4.  Can somone advise on what is the correct procedure...

Is there a wording trick that i should watch for ? 

i think i have already responded to same issue.

Dude, it has to be specific to question. If the question asks for the communication channel among the members only then ur count is 4. For example, if i write a question like:

"A project manager was hired for a PMZilla project in UK. To work with the PM is a project's technical and administrative team composed of 10 staff. How many communication channels does the team of staff have?"

So, in the question above, are u going to include the PM in the count? No. The question is specific to the channel among the team of technical and admin staff only who will work with the PM. That conveys that the PM should not be included in the calculation.