Communication Channels

As a project manager of 2 engineers and 3 technicians -

in sentences like above, it seems obvious to include the PM as team member to calculate the number of communication channels.
6x5/2 = 15 channels.

Is this correct calculation or not?

the sentence above is clear, that means your manging 5 people, plus the pm, the total is 6, 


however as my previous posting, I passed pmp last week, there most of communication channal question was straight forward on exam, one of the question was asking related to,,, Group A has 6 ppl , Group B has 4 ppl and Group C has 10 communication channel,,

and the question is asking how many communcation channal all together? 







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This has been discussed many times here on pmzilla, please search for communication channels here and you will get more insight.

I have come across questions(I believe it was head first pmp)where the PM is not included as part of the team unless specified (which I don't think is correct, cause the PM spends 90% of his/her time communicating). I have also seen questions where subcontractors are mentioned and they have not been taken into account. But yeah that was a question I wanted to ask other pmzilla members, even if its not clearly mentioned we have to consider the PM as part of the group correct? (even though the books says no)

Sorry, I just looked at my notes, it was the project sponsor (not project manager). So if there is a project sponsor mentioned in the group according to this book, he/she should not be included as part of the communication channel calculation unless specified clearly, the same goes with the subcontractors.