Communication Calculation n(n-1)/2


I'm finding difficulities in calculation communication requirements. For example

1.     22 people are expected at your next stakeholder status meeting. Which of the following statements are true?

A.    There are 242 lines of communication.

B.    The number of attendees falls within the reasonable range for effective decision making.

C.    There are 231 lines of communication.

D.    There are too few people to make effective decisions


In some cases that we need to include the Project Manager and hence the answer is 242 otherwise it is 231.


I would appreciate if any one make me this clear that under which situation I should include Project Manager and skip.


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Please let us know. 

if you include PM then its 253, but the answer is C here

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Clearly the person writing this question has not counted the PM. Answer should be253.

That is why , its important to solve questions only from reputed sources and ignore others and it may confuse and waste your time.


my view, you expect 22 People in the STAKEHOLDER meeting, the PM is included as a stakeholder therefore the answer could be 231.

But I fully agree this is calculated in many questions different.